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Georgian Rings

Georgian rings are seen as those which date back to the years between 1714 and 1830 and reflect a number of different popular styles from throughout the period. Throughout these years, Georgian rings represented, in many instances, natural themes and intricate shapes, with the use of gemstones becoming popular. As you’d expect looking at almost any piece from the era, diamonds became the ‘go-to’ stone due to their incredibly beauty and it’s safe to say that the diamond ring was born during the Georgian period, at leas in it’s popular state which we see today.

Despite the fact that diamonds were still relatively rare during the Georgian period, jewellers started to experiment with stones and it was at this time that open facets were designed as a way to product a greater level of light reflection.

It was during the Georgian period that memorial rings (or mourning rings) emerged, with many wanting to preserve memories. Such rings had been designed in order to showcase the memory of a loved one and commonly included a small portrait or initials carved into the ring itself. On some pieces, a strand of hair was even used in the making of the ring. Locket rings are another popular type during this era, again offering space for either the hair of a loved one or a small picture. Today, many couples take the decision to purchase an antique memorial ring to showcase a sign and symbol of eternal love.

All Georgian rings were handmade by highly skilled jewellers and are, to date, some of the rarest rings which you’ll find available to buy. Here at Laurelle Antique Jewellery, we’re proud to offer an extensive collection from between the years of 1714 and 1830, with every single piece having been hand picked by our experienced jewellers. Whatever the reason that you’re considering the purchase of a ring from the Georgian era, you’re guaranteed to find a unique and bespoke piece which is truly stunning and exuding with character.

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